Episode 23 | Battle Staff Interview with Chris and Isaac

March 29, 2018

This episode is all about Battle Staff and what we went through while we were here. I sit down with SSG Wray (Chris) and MSG Pardon (Isaac) to talk about their experience.

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Episode 22 | Interview with SFC Brian McNeil (Big Mac)

February 28, 2018

In this episode, I interview someone who continues to have a positive influence in my military career. We sit down and talk a little about what brought him to where he is in his career and who had played a big part in making him who he is today. He started out as a Combat Engineer and later became Preventive Medicine. He now is a 1SG for a Medical Logistics company. 


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Episode 21 | Welcome to 2018

January 2, 2018

In this episode we talk about some resolutions and what you can do to maintain them. I also pitch the other podcast I’m doing: Lawful Stupid. Link below


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Episode 20 - Norwegian Foot March

November 30, 2017

In this episode I talk about the Norwegian Foot March I did at University of Southern Indiana. It's 18.6 with at least 25lb. Ruck in 4.5 hours.

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Episode 19 - ALC Assessment

September 26, 2017

All the things I remember about ALC to help you fine tune your expectations.

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Episode 18 - Professional Development Tips

June 1, 2017

Just some tips to help you advance in your military career. Always be thinking about how you can grow or make systems better. Make someone's life easier, be respectful and remember, you are your own best career manager.

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Episode 17 - ALC Topics: Training Development

May 17, 2017

We talk about the 8 steps involved with Training Development. We also discuss the roles of the unit, METL's and other resources.

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Episode 16: Just Relax

May 4, 2017

Back in the podcast game. Been out for a while. I plan on doing an episode every couple weeks to get back in the grove. Today's episode is just about understanding work isn't your singular most important thing.

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Episode 15: MRT Phase 1 Competencies | Mental Agility

October 31, 2016

In this episode we talk very briefly about what thinking FAT is and how it applies to Mental Agility.

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Episode 14: MRT Phase 1 Competencies [Optimism]

October 4, 2016

This week we talk about the competency of Optimism. This is one of the cornerstones of Resilience. We talk about what Optimism is, what it isn't, and what it means to apply it.

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